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Kris Pennypacker

Kris Pennypacker was a former financial analyst that made a bold decision years ago to follow his passion in sports gambling.  Kris was leading a very unhappy life with his career choice and decided he could make as much money if not more wagering basketball.  Kris was most successful with college basketball and ended the past three seasons with an average winning percentage of 61%.  Look for Kris to lead you on a path of financial freedom!

Kris is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/10.

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson was sought out by our management after following his picks for the past two seasons.  Joe's handicapping technique is mathematically based and relies on statistical information to make his informed decisions.  For over 5 years Joe was handicapping all major sports but realized quickly how difficult it is to profit year around and decided focusing only on basketball was his best bet for making money.

Joe is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/10.

Corey Blinden

Corey Blinden grew up in Kansas as a son to a basketball coach.  His father was local high school coach for over 30 years and was always around his father learning the game.  Corey has been handicapping college basketball for 8 years and has been profitable 5 out the last 6 college basketball seasons.  Corey will dedicate his time and energy into helping his clients earn profits in college hoops.  

Corey is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/10.

Taylor Sewell

Taylor was born and in Columbia, South Carolina but moved to Reno, Nevada in the late 60's with his family as his father helped build a casino.  Taylor then grew up in Reno and worked in a few casinos over time and loved being involved in the gambling community.  Taylor went on to college at UNLV and broaden his gambling knowledge by learning sports gambling and had part time jobs during college as a black jack dealer.  Taylor has been working his angles on the college hardwood for over 10 years and we are very happy to have his experience in house. 

Taylor is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/10.

Houston Mears

Houston Mears was frequently featured on online forums and has made guest handicapping performances with a number of online services.  For the past four years, Houston has been an independent college basketball and college football handicapper before signing on with NCAA Basketball Handicappers.  Houston has agreed to focus exclusively on college basketball and release his picks only through our service.

Houston is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/10.

Jeff Garza

Jeff Garza is a San Antonio, Texas native and currently resides in this city.  Jeff has been an avid NCAAB fan since his father took him to the 1974 National Championship game to watch NC State beat Marquette.  Jeff was blessed to have a father who was a traveling salesman and was fortunate enough to watch college basketball games all over the country.  It was until his 20's when Jeff took a liking to gambling and his knowledge for basketball made a match in heaven.  In his early years Jeff experienced ups and downs but has honed his skill to profit in college hoops since being monitored in 2003.  Jeff looks forward to the opportunity to helping clients all over the US and abroad.   

Jeff is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/10.